lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011


mami a que hora llegará mi papi?
No mi amor no llegará
Tu papi ya está en el cielo
De rodillas en el suelo
Te lo acaban de quitar
A un testigo le dolía
Cuando por allí pasaba
Y oyó cuando le imploraba
Chico pensá en la hija mía

- verso I -
Si te lo estaba implorando
Para que ir lo dejaras
Te dijo que te llevaras
Lo que le estabas quitando
Ahora dejas otro hogar
Oscuro y desamparado
Con un problema marcado
Que no podrán soslayar

- Coro -
Conciencia, conciencia
Es todo lo que te pedimos
Piensa por favor en la inocencia
Y el trauma que le causas
A los niños
Y que solucionaste
Con quitarle la vida
A mi prenda querida
Por que lo asesinaste
Es un triste dolor
El que yo sentí
Cuando ella a mi
Me preguntó
Mami a que hora llegará mi papi
Mami papi si se está tardando
Pienso que algo me le está pasando
Quiero ver a mi papá

- verso II -
Ojalá que en la otra vida
Amor no nos estés viendo
Para que no estés sintiendo
Como ahora llora tu hija
Y si allá se va a sentir
Esa terrible amargura
Entonces yo estoy segura
Te volverás a morir

No te preocupes mamá
Que cuando llegue papá
Yo le digo que le pegue
A quien te hizo llorar.

- verso III -
Menos condena pagaras
Si tú lo dejaras vivo
Aunque lo dejes herido
Pero que no lo mataras
Si acaso tú estás hurtando
Para mantener tus hijos
Piensa también en los míos
No me los dejes llorando

aunque sea la última vez
papi quiero que sepas
que yo no quiero esa muñeca
solo anhelo que tu estes.

¡Bendición papa!

The Fair of The Maid is the name of a festivity of religious origin that takes place every year for three days, from 17 until November 19, in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo and it extends to other localities of the State Zulia. In the above mentioned feast there is commemorated the miracle of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, who is the mistress of the State Zulia and whose celebration is observed by the Holy Catholic Church every November 18.

There are many elements that connote the "tercermundismo" in our national geography. The minds of many mayors and governors are cradles and tombs of this wretched and erratic condition of politician gesticulates. And I warn that they must accept the critique because we are civil, not simple electors. The representation must become extinct, though still there are many that speak and decide for us without consulting anything, disregarding the participative and leading character outlined in the current constitution, prompt to reforming. The matter has to see partly, with an unwise point of view concerning that one that they are fundamental needs of the social studding that they manage and to that in turn, they are forced to attend, to satisfy and resolve as elect authorities democratically.

In Maracaibo every year, a few great objects of iron with motives removed from us as people, horrible, desconceptualizados and descontextualizados, are started there raising from the middle of October for ofrendarnos one of more made Third World Latin-American connotables. It treats itself, in spite of 11 years of indescribable repetition, of " Bella Vista's Traditional ignition ".11 years are more of that it tells the history to decree the "tradition". This avenue is infected from his origin in the downtown, coming from the avenue Frying pan up to the avenue The Miracle, with a few iron-works " baroques kitsh rococo " - for someone is a great business and I do not believe that it is specifically for the blacksmiths - with mangueritas revealed of colors that go in his center, endless threads of lucecitas of navidad, to give him this submissive spectator, distracted, acrítico and permissive, a moment of "peace" and " healthy entertainment ". Now and that with " motives zulianos ". Were they late 11 years to do an event with local motives? All the "tradition", cheap regionalism.

But the thing does not end there; both the Governor and the Mayor, have to see with the fact and they ignite the avenue every time, with trepidant proselytizing act, the biggest dais, lights, smoke, entertainers of merchandise and a cartel of "fashionable" groups; these national and foreign grupetes, duoes and orchestras for whom the country is a holiday that " not for, not for, not for ". But before, the local press displays of the great event, of what it will happen, of the "stars" that will exceed "talent" without objection. They inform us - because we are very worried and in espectativa - that a "reguetonero" has fastidiousness and the duo to which it belongs weakens, that if for other one they did not find hotel in the city and it will have to sleep in Caracas and to travel in flight deprived of coming and of return, that Those who have not gone or they will never go to France they have an Eiffel Tower in miniature that replaces the dream of this marvel of engineering galla; a square of an angel that to the end was liberated of a cage that the "artists" had done to him - there is nothing more brave than a locked up angel-. There are allegories to the bridge on the Lake "Rafael Urdaneta" because " This one is the most beautiful city that exists in the continent, have lake, China and Bridge " as he says a bagpipe.

Certainly, the monuments might not be absent to the football or to the " sport king ".Also is nothing "more "traditional" than the football. The traffic puts heavily - on that of cars-, I suppose that other one gets lighter. The policemen do the traffic polices' times to help to make more digestible the tails of car that hope - for this " communism that it is killing them "-, 5000 thousand more cars by the ends of the year. But there is more … the thing does not end there. The holiday " not for, not for, not for ".The lovers of the bullfighting and the sadism of the murders of bulls have a Plaza to enjoy the morbid pleasure of seeing to fall a beast killed by other one of two legs and with " brain and reason ". The cartel is of anthology, three men and a woman. Incredible, majestic, virtuosoes of the tahúr. What nobles are the organizers of the death permisada of animal and this so Spanish custom, so of the "Mother Country" and consequently, "ours", own and "very "traditional" bullfights.The thing will continue with " dawns of fair " because already they are not "pipers" - the kind became exhausted and many bad pipers did his work to kill her of to small - until November 18 in his culmination with the game of the Eagles of the Zulia for that we wait win. Equal Vallenato yes. We are a frontier condition. But be going to see if in Bogota the bagpipe sounds as here. The queen of the fair already will have opportunity to jump to the Miss Venezuela and to be a queen of "beauty" in " one night so it adjoins like this " to top of scalpel; or probably be actress of soap opera, hostess or presenter of fashionable programs or fashion, of pieces of gossip of the cajolement and you stop counting, they are so many doors that him are opened these "odalisques".

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

In the quarter there is a table a painting a lamp and a bed, in in the bath there is a poseta and wash basin a mirror and a shower, in the room there is a furniture a table a lamp and a picture, in the kitchen there is an icebox a table a chair and a stove

My favorite space is my quarter is spacious comfortably, there is tranquility in my quarter I have a computer and flutter of wings this one my lapises and my lamp abreast this my bed and flutter of wings of the this bed my bedside table and flutter of wings of my this table the close and of side this one my chair and below this yellow carpet, flutter of wings of the lamp I have a cajita with papers, and in the wall there are a few pictures.

When I get up at 9:00 a.m. I go and brush myself the teeth then I go and comb myself then I go and prepare the baby bottle for my baby.
 Then that are her 10:00 I go and do the breakfast as and wash the plates then I go and bath and go to the university. 
 Then I go and seize the bus and go away to studying to her 1:00 then when already I see all the classes go out at 5:10 go and seize the bus to go home then I come greet my husband and do the dinner to her 7:00 then I wash the plates and play awhile with my baby and then at sleeping.
In my house there are 7 rooms. there is a living room , a bedroom , a bathroom a dining room a kitchen.